Andrea’s cancer began with increasing pain in her hips and ribs which were multiple fractures. Prior to multiple myeloma, she was utilizing her social work degree, and experience with horses to develop and deliver an equine therapy program while starting grad studies.

Andrea’s multiple myeloma was aggressively treated with two stem cell transplants, one being a donor transplant. Her length of recovery was difficult on her mind, body, heart, career and relationships. Recovery from transplant is nebulous, just like cancer and its treatment. As a single mother with no child support and increased housing costs the financial toxicities were also harmful. Return to work accommodation planning and recovery were impacted greatly and misunderstood.

In Andrea’s Words

My biggest fear was maintaining my son’s quality of life through the past 5 Years. Pink’s Wig’s support meant great stress was lifted and I was able to provide my son what cancer took from us.

Name: Andrea
City/Town of Residence: Hanley, SK
Diagnosis: Multiple Myeloma
Age at Diagnosis: 38