Denae Lawrence, The Pink Wig Foundation’s second full recipient, was shocked to find that what she thought was a rotator cuff injury was revealed by an ultrasound to be a bone malignancy on her upper arm. She underwent 7 cycles of chemotherapy and a surgical resection of the growth on her arm. Denae and her family are immensely grateful for the Pink Wig Foundation’s support for the relief of additional financial stress during treatments, as she was without regular income during that period. Denae told us that after her battle with cancer she appreciated the little things in life a lot more, and lived in the moment, never putting off an opportunity (like a big trip with her husband).

We were saddened to hear of Denae’s passing in February of 2018, and send the best wishes to her family and friends. Denae never missed a Pink Wig Gala following her sponsorship and we are immensely grateful to her and her family for their support over the years.