Darla is a 44 year old single mom who was diagnosed with stage two, triple negative breast cancer in April of 2017. Darla underwent chemotherapy and had 8 cycles of chemo and then surgery to follow. Everyone who knows Darla knows that she is the most kindhearted, sweet, and generous person. Her smile lights up a room and her pure strength as a single hearing-impaired mother is inspiring. Her cancer diagnosis has made her run the gauntlet over the past few months but she has held her head high, and reassured everyone that she will beat this. She tells everyone that a positive attitude makes all the difference.

Darla will be off work for at least 8 months while she battles this awful disease, and being a single mom on a limited income, she had the additional stress of finances. Darla was ecstatic when The Pink Wig Foundation chose her as their recipient. With funding from the Pink Wig Foundation she no longer needs to stress over her finances and can now concentrate on her treatment. Darla is immensely grateful for the generosity of this foundation and its donors.