Kim had recently bought a new home and was excited to begin a new phase of her life when she noticed a spot on her tongue that turned out to be malignant. She went through extensive surgeries and treatments, including a surgery to remove a substantial part of her tongue, which was then rebuilt using a graft from her forearm. She had a scare with a re-occurrence that led her to yet another surgery in 2016.  Kim credits Pink Wig for allowing her to focus on her recovery, rather than push herself to go back to work before her body was ready. She remains vigilant on her road to recovery by attending 3-4 physiotherapy appointments per week. Kim is also a part patient advocacy groups and is a patient mentor to others who have received similar diagnoses.

To those who have donated to Pink Wig she would like to say, “You’ve not only changed a life, you’ve saved one. I know that might sound melodramatic, but I was so stressed financially that I believe that stress contributed to my cancer reoccurrence. The Pink Wig Foundation swept the stress away at a critical stage of my fragile health. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gift of wellbeing.”