Pam’s life changed in 2015. She had a great job, was recently married, and enjoyed relaxing at home with her husband, dog, and a good movie. Unfortunately, later that year Pam was diagnosed with stage 2b cervical cancer that had spread to her lymphatic system increasing her chances of early mortality. She was told that she had a 60% chance of surviving in the state she was in. Her fist question was whether or not she’d ever be able to have children, given that she would be subjected to heavy chemotherapy in her pelvic region. Thankfully, her Pink Wig sponsorship has given her the ability to undergo IVF and help with costs associated with a surrogate mother, as she has lost the function of her ovaries and uterus from treatment.

Pam has high praise for the Pink wig Foundation and its donors: “You are some of the most beautiful people around.  Without you, cancer creates barriers.  You are assisting people like me in living whatever form of life we have, without financial barriers holding us back in achieving our dreams.  You are truly amazing!”