At the age of 30, Stacy found a lump while showering. Despite seeing multiple doctors it took almost a year to be diagnosed with cancer. Stacy regrets not fighting for a diagnosis sooner but has come to learn that this is not uncommon in young women with no family history of breast cancer.

But once the diagnosis came, things moved quickly. Stacy entered a whirlwind of appointments including surgeries, fertility preservation, cancer treatments and more surgeries. Cancer changed everything.

Stacy is grateful for the support she received from friends, family and her employer. Plus her boyfriend proposed after the diagnosis, giving her something to look forward to once cancer was over.

In Stacy’s Words

The Pink Wig Foundation helped me to feel a sense of relief that someone out there was on my side. After a delayed diagnosis, it was nice to know that this was now being taken seriously and that there was support when I needed it. It truly helped me so much, I’m very grateful to the PinkWig Foundation.

Name: Stacy
City/Town of Residence: Whitby, Ontario
Diagnosis: Breast Cancer
Age at Diagnosis: 31