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Pink Wig Holiday Wish List

This holiday season, the busy elves at the Pink Wig Foundation are dashing out into the snow to bring you some of our favourite stocking stuffers. We want to show you our love and help spread the word about the work we’re doing.

Proceeds from purchases made from the Pink Wig Holiday Wish List below will help to support our recipients and provide more financial relief for Saskatchewan women whose lives have been impacted by cancer.

The Pink Wig Holiday Wish List sale has been made possible by generous support from Hope Hair Recovery in Saskatoon.


Pep Up Your Step

Cozy Pink Wig Socks

Whether you’re at the office or out on the town put some pep in your step with our coziest Pink Wig socks!

A Tee-rific Gift

Pink Wig Golf Balls

Step up your game with a box of Pink Wig golf balls! We have two sets of golf balls to choose from — pick whichever suits your play style the best (and whichever you’d be most comfortable losing in the woods).

Get Hooked On Baubles

Pink Wig Ornaments

Our classic Pink Wig ‘Chari-tree Ornament’ — show off proof of your holiday spirit in shiny pink fashion… On your tree, on your mantelpiece, or maybe as an earring or two (for the adventurous).

Thank you to Hope Hair Recovery in Saskatoon for helping bring the Pink Wig Holiday Wish List to life.