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The Pink Wig Foundation raises money to help individuals and families that have been impacted by cancer. We can help build you back up.

Our mandate is to assist Canadian women aged 16-50 who are currently suffering from cancer and/or undergoing cancer treatment.

We currently offer two different levels of sponsorship.

A Wig Sponsorship, valued at $1000, goes toward the purchase of a wig for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. We give out four of these each year. You can read more about the wig sponsorship here.

We also give out financial assistance in the range of $1000-10,000 to select Canadian women aged 16-50.

You can apply for either of these sponsorships below.

Please fill in the form below to submit a request for assistance. We can’t help everyone who applies, but we’re always taking new requests. And if you apply now, there’s always a chance we may be able to help you at some point in the future.

We’ll be in touch with you soon after we receive your request.

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