In November 2011, at the age of only 25, Tracy Dinh, a dear friend, girlfriend, sister and daughter, was diagnosed with Stage 4, Small Cell Cervical Cancer (SCCC).

This is a rare and aggressive form of cancer with a poor prognosis. Her diagnosis was a shock to all of her friends and family and would be the beginning of four intense months of chemotherapy and radiation.

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Tracy's Story

How the Pink Wig Foundation came to be

Following the four months of treatment, Tracy received the devastating news from her oncologist that she had six months to live. As hard as it was to accept for Tracy and everyone who cared for her, Tracy kept her head held high and her spirit strong. If this was indeed her fate, Tracy did not want to be in a bed waiting for her life to end.

Instead, she wanted to see and do everything her body would allow her to do.

Tracy decided to make Maui her first destination. Along with her love Cory, her mother Lien, her sisters Lindsey and Ashante, and her nephew Reid, Tracy was able to spend four amazing weeks in paradise.

During her stay in Hawaii, Tracy’s health dramatically improved. She went from being bed ridden and unable to eat, to walking miles and eating three full meals a day. Her spirits were as high as ever and she truly enjoyed the time with her loved ones.

However, shortly before her return to Canada, Tracy fell ill, her symptoms worsening as the cancer began to take over her body.

Tracy bravely fought for the next few weeks, maintaining her dignity while still wanting to do things on her own. Her sense of humour and inner strength never left her, even while the cancer was slowly taking her life.

Tracy took her last breath on May 13th 2012, mother’s day morning, in the loving arms of her father and mother.

Tracy in Maui

Everyone who knew Tracy knew what a thoughtful, caring, loyal and beautiful person she was. The strength and love she showed in her final days will live on forever in all of us.

The Pink Wig Foundation Was Born

The Pink Wig Foundation was created in honor of Tracy and is striving to increase awareness about the devastating disease of Small Cell Cervical Cancer. One of Tracy’s last wishes was to provide financial support through this foundation to relieve cancer patients and their families. Tracy hoped that this would allow these individuals to focus on getting healthy as they fight the most difficult battle of their lives.

Although our dear friend Tracy has passed away, her memories, wisdom, and love for others will never be forgotten. As we move forward, we will carry on the legacy of Tracy Dinh with us by honoring her last wishes to serve and provide for those in need through the Pink Wig Foundation.