Ishrat was diagnosed with breast cancer in March of 2019. When she first heard the news from the doctor, she was very shocked because she did not expect it at all. Ishrat was worried about how she was going to give this news to her kids – especially her daughter, Kanta because after her divorce she changed a lot and I did not know how she would react. Many thoughts crossed her mind on what was going to happen during this time. Thankfully she had a very strong support system which included her kids, siblings and friends. Throughout both surgeries and recoveries her friends were by her side, stayed positive and reminded her that everything is going to be just fine! Now almost a year later she is cancer free!

In Ishrat’s Words

Receiving support from PinkWig would mean a lot. Due to having cancer I had to quit my job and stay home while I got the surgeries and recovered. This caused me to struggle financially. With some extra income I can help my kids by providing them with more stability and it can also help me bring more food to the table for my children. All in all it will help me with a lot of things even with paying the bills and even rent.

Name: Ishrat
City/Town of Residence: Saskatoon, SK
Diagnosis: Breast Cancer