From the beginning of my cancer journey I have been determined to find the light and the humour in everything that is happening to me. It is how I find strength. Chemo was hell to say the least and even when my first round was during the great TP shortage of 2020 I still managed to laugh. I mean there is some things you just don’t cheap out on… While my treatments took place during a global pandemic I decided to turn my backyard into my own personal staycation oasis. I had a beautiful garden, an abundance of flowers, a colourful hammock and my very own swimming pool. When I was in my backyard I was at peace, I felt I truly had exactly what I needed to heal during my cancer journey.

In Stephanie’s Words

I was going to receive support from the PinkWig Foundation I was speechless. It took me almost 24 hours to respond to Amy’s email because I couldn’t put into words how grateful I was. I responded after I impulsively bought a set of pink Christmas lights which caused me to burst into tears when I got to my car. It was an emotional release. I finally felt my financial worry ease off. The funds will allow me to focus on healing without worry of the next bill payment. I am forever grateful to the PinkWig Foundation.

Name: Stephanie
City/Town of Residence: Saskatoon, SK
Diagnosis: Breast Cancer/Invasive Mammary Carcinoma
Age at Diagnosis: 37